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Ellery Motorsport Newsletter - May 2019

The Ellery Motorsport team at Philip Island for round two of the 2019 Victorian Formula Ford Series. From left to right: Malcolm Coleman, Jason Bonney, Hayden Edwards, Luke Ellery, Alice Piccolo and Doug Williams.

Welcome to the first edition of the Ellery Motorsport monthly Newsletter.

We hope that by using this Newsletter platform, we can keep all of our friends and followers up-to-date about our team, both on and off the racetrack.

May started off with plenty of action, with the team trackside at Phillip Island for round two of the 2019 Victorian Formula Ford Series. Perennial Kent Formula Ford racer Douggie Williams was joined by Malcolm Coleman, who is re-joining the team after racing for us in November 2018 and again earlier this season at Bathurst.

This year Doug Williams is celebrating his 10th season of racing and is back aboard the team's Spectrum 06b. Doug has started the season as strong as we have seen him, claiming some new PB's both at Sandown and at Phillip Island. With three rounds left in the championship and plenty of seat time coming, we hope he can carry this good form until the completion of the season.

Malcolm Coleman joined the team for the first time in November 2018, when he jumped into our Spectrum 06b for the Island Magic race meeting. Malcolm returned to the same car for an awesome weekend at Bathurst in February, where he moved forward in every session, eventually fighting just outside the top 10. Malcolm is now back with the team driving the Spectrum 010 previously raced by Luke Ellery, a car that is integral to the history of Ellery Motorsport. Malcolm was at one with the car immediately during the Friday practice, eventually fighting for podiums for the entirety of the weekend.

Doug and Malcolm will be both back on track at Winton Motor Raceway on June 14th-16th for round three of the 2019 Victorian Formula Ford Series.

The month of May wasn't all about racing, as we enjoyed plenty of time at the workshop working on a range of customer-owned cars, along with confirming a unique project that will be unveiled in the coming months.

Since late 2018, we have been working hard to provide as many Kent Formula Ford engine parts to our Aussie customers, all in the one place and on the shelf. The following parts are now available for sale on our online store or directly from our workshop:

- FFI inlet and exhaust valves - as per article 2.14 of the 2019 FF1600 Technical Regulations

- Kent Formula Ford clutch plate - as per article 2.11 of the 2019 FF1600 Technical Regulations

We have just completed a run of brand new, vacuum formed, reproduction plastic dashes for a range of Ralt RT4's. These dashes are available on our online store. These are made in-house by Luke, using a hand made mould replicating every imperfection of the original, using the same production method and the same type of haircell plastic. Originality was vital when we started to reproduce these items. All dashes remain undrilled, so the customer can dictate their switch positions.

For our Formula Ford customers who want to improve their gear shifting, we now offer a service that should help. This service is specifically for LD200 and Mk8/9 gearboxes, reducing wear and friction, as well as giving a general check that everything is in working order. This service involves a type of high level "polish" to the surfaces of rotating parts, delivering less friction along with additional component longevity. So far our results show significantly less wear on gears and clutch rings, as well as smoother shifts.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our website and online store.

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