Hewland Gearbox Check and Friction Reduction Service 


We offer a specific service for Hewland LD200 and Mk8/9 gearboxes, available to any customer who may be looking for improvement in their gear shifts. Our service delivers less friction along with additional component longevity.


Firstly, we remove the diff from the gearbox and provide a written report on the condition of the crown wheel and pinion. We weigh the diff assembly on our precision scales, to within half a gram. The weight is logged and we provide you with a reference to our own lightened units.


We then remove the gears and selector forks and check for cracks or slop in the selector shaft areas.


Once everything has been cleared for cracks or damage we give the gearbox a big clean up with the latest micro polishing technology resulting in lower friction, better oil and temperature control. Essentially, this micro polishing update makes everything work that little bit nicer when you are going up and down the gears.


All drive hubs, forks and a range of other moving parts are surface finished to reduce shifting bind and drive friction. We then setup the selector forks using our dog ring jig and ensure that the “hockey stick” tip is without bind and not catching on the back end of the selector fork shafts. We also check all detents for correct preload. Fresh gearbox oil is installed and the gearbox is run up prior to delivery.


Turn around time is generally 1 week from drop off.


If various Hewland components are found to be at fault and need replacement, these parts will be provided at additional cost, only if required.


Enquire today for pricing or more information.



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